I am not an artist, so I may not be able to post my own creations. I will try though :)
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October 22, 2007 by jamespaulp
1. I was testing SkinStudio 6 on Vista x64 with WB6. I created a verical image for the vertical task bar with a simple gradient from top to bottom. I wanted to stretch this image for the task bar. I could not get this working in SkinStudio 6. Not sure if this is a SkinStudio6 problem or WB6 problem.

2. For the vertical task bar, edit the task bar background image and just fill it completely with one color. Edit the start button and fill it with another color. Make sure you have colors that is...
October 13, 2007 by jamespaulp
I have Windows XP 64 bit edition as my main OS. This is what my whole family uses. My object desktop installation is on this machine. Since I cannot use WindowBlinds 6.0 and SkinStudio 6.0 on this, can I install Vista as dual boot on this machine and use the same license for Object DeskTop? It is not clear from the licensing.

If not, what are my best options? I plan to keep only one object desk subscription for now. Buy a single WindowBlinds license?

I really badly want to use SkinSkudio 6...
July 26, 2007 by jamespaulp
I am changing the category from StarDock support because I have not seen any replies   

If I have WindowFX running, if I try to install Adobe CS3 (Design Standard) the splan screen that appears at the beginning with installation options goes blank. If I unload WindowFX the screen is good and I can see all options. I had seen this behavior before and immediately realized this could be the problem. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a fix for this, of course other than unloading WindowFX?